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Waking Spirit Embroidered Flute Socks

by Marby Pennington

A beautiful new range of embroidered flute socks created from high quality medium weight flannel. These bags are lighter than Pendleton wool so that you get more flutes in your quiver while still providing them with good protection. The bags measure approximately 4 3/4 to 5 inches wide, with the embroidered pattern being approximately 3 1/2 to 4 inches wide. When you measure your flute, add at least 2 inches to insure the flute will fit correctly in the bag. We will be constantly adding to our selection so please check back from time to time. Many thanks.

Native American style Flute Sock

Running Deer

Running Deer Embroidered Flute Bag
Flute Bag #1

Bear Embroidered Flute Bag
Flute Bag # 2

Cougar Embroidered Flute Bag
Flute Bag # 3

Feather Native style Flute Bag
Woodpecker 1

Pilated Woodpeck Native American style Flute Bag